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There are 4 Corporate Membership Categories:

Bronze: £250 + VAT per year
Silver: £500 + VAT per year
Gold: £1,000 + VAT per year
Platinum: £2,000 + VAT per year

Corporate Member Benefits Breakdown

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Although the SCTE® was formed in the United Kingdom, we are a world-wide organisation and have members all over the world, including many in the US, Europe and a Benelux SCTE® group. Applications from outside the UK are very welcome. 

  • Honorary Fellows 
  • Affiliates

Honorary Fellows and Affiliates are invited to membership by the Executive Committee. Fellows are not directly elected to membership but must transfer from being a Member. Details on Fellowship are, therefore, in the Members Area.

Corporate Member Benefits Breakdown


£250.00 + VAT per year
As a Bronze Corporate Member, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in the Service Finder in each issue of Broadband journal.
  • Inclusion in the logo wall on the SCTE website.
  • Listing in the membership benefits leaflet.
  • Listing in the Membership Handbook.
  • Receive regular e-blasts and membership information etc.
  • Access to the SCTE member website, technical and standards information etc.
  • Reduced rates on SCTE training courses.
  • Reduced entrance fees/conference attendance at selected industry events during the year.
  • Ability to submit new product/company news/white papers etc for inclusion into Broadband journal (at the Editor's discretion).
  • Subsidised tickets for the SCTE annual dinner.
  • Free attendance for one individual at UK lecture meetings (excluding the summer activity afternoon - additional surcharge for this).
  • SCTE Individual Member employees are encouraged to apply for SCTE bursaries (subject to Ts & Cs).
  • Advertorials in Broadband Journal at reduced rates.
  • One free individual SCTE membership.


£500.00 + VAT per year
As a Silver Corporate Member, you will receive all the above Bronze benefits as well as the following additional ones:

  • Boxed entry in the Service Finder in each issue of Broadband journal.
  • One free quarter page advert in Broadband per year.
  • One free e-blast to the SCTE membership per year.
  • One free training course per year.
  • An additional free place for a non-member employee at UK lecture meetings (two in total).


£1,000.00 + VAT per year
As a Gold Corporate Member, you will receive all the above Bronze and Silver benefits as well as the following additional ones:

  • One free e-blast to the membership per year (two in total).
  • One Podcast.
  • Interview/company profile/company visit etc featured in Broadband journal.
  • Ability to request up to five additional copies of Broadband Journal each quarter for staff members.
  • One free training course per year (two in total).
  • Two free places for non-member employees at UK lecture meetings (four in total).


£2,000.00 + VAT per year
As a Platinum Corporate Member, you will receive all the above Bronze, Silver and Gold benefits as well as the following additional ones:

  • One free quarter page advert in Broadband per year (two in total).
  • Banner on SCTE website.
  • Ability to request up to five additional copies of Broadband Journal each quarter for staff members (ten in total).
  • Two free training courses per year (four in total).
  • Two free places for non-member employees at UK lecture meetings (six in total).
  • Sponsorship opportunities at UK lecture meetings.

Member benefits


As a Learned Society, the SCTE ® is able to provide accreditation and certification for its members, giving them professional standing within the industry. Full Members and Fellows are able to use the designations MSCTE and FSCTE after their names. A new Student Member category is also available. Corporate Members enjoy free listing in the SCTE’s Broadband journal.

Networking Opportunities

The Society provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and, as such, offers a variety of annual networking opportunities to members. These include lecture meetings, conferences, exhibitions, dinners, cocktail parties, golf days and representation at various international exhibitions and conferences (such as IBC, ANGA COM and Cable Europe), where members can use SCTE® exhibition facilities. The Society also runs its Annual Dinner and Awards event, where excellence in the broadband industry is rewarded. The Society also provides bursaries for young technicians and engineers to develop their careers. Members can also network directly with each other or through the SCTE® Forum.

Lecture Meetings

The Society stages lecture meetings three to four times per year, mainly at One Great George Street in London, but also through its Benelux Group at selected European venues and in the Balkans (Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia etc.). The subjects presented are always up-to-the-minute, ground-breaking technology that provoke lively discussion during and after the sessions. The lecture meetings are free to members and represent excellent value for the price of annual membership. Lunch can be obtained for a nominal price and the cocktail party that follows each meeting provides a good opportunity for members to network informally.

Standards Development

The Society chairs the British Standards Committee for Cable Systems and represents the UK at European (CENELEC) and world (IEC) levels.

Publication and Directory

The SCTE® publishes a quarterly magazine, Broadband Journal, which is free to members and is also distributed at major international conferences and exhibitions throughout the year. In Broadband Journal, you will find news, technical data and standards updates as well as papers on many aspects of broadband and telecommunications technologies – some of these report over-the-horizon developments that are not yet out of the laboratory. Broadband Journal also caters for technicians and those with less technical experience. The Journal reflects the high standards of the Society and welcomes contributions from the industry and the academic world – corporate members of the Society qualify for reduced advertising rates in the Journal.

The Society also publishes a Members Handbook which is distributed to all SCTE® members and contains essential technical specifications and technological updates, as well as a membership directory and a register of SCTE® consultants.

Training Materials

SCTE® members qualify for special discounts on all SCTE® training materials, courses and manuals. Course subjects include Installation Technician, Service Technician, Network Technician, Network Architecture & Design, Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians, Understanding Wireless & WiFi Technologies, Business Data Solutions, Introduction to Broadband and Co-Axial Networks RF Design Course.

Discount and Offers

The SCTE® offers its members several discounted offers on a regular basis, ranging from 20-30% attendance discounts at international broadband conferences and events around the world to special PR packages and discounted market intelligence reports plus special advertising rates and training material discounts for SCTE members. These special offers are e-blasted to all SCTE members regularly, with weblinks to enable them to take advantage of the latest offers from SCTE’s global partners.

Bursaries and Awards

The SCTE regularly runs a series of industry achievement awards for the broadband industry. These celebrate individual and company success in the broadband arena. Most of the awards are given out at every SCTE Annual Dinner. SCTE also offers its members bursary packages to key industry events such as FTTH Conference, ANGA COM, DVB World and IBC. The bursary package include congress/exhibition tickets, economy flights from anywhere in Europe and three nights’ hotel accommodation.

Promotion for your Company

Corporate members of the SCTE are entitled to a generous £500 discount on our very popular Webinar Series, which we introduced in early 2021. We provide you with a 90 minute webinar slot and we will help you produce a piece of compelling live content to share via your channels after the event. We will work with you to curate a piece of work that showcases your strengths as an organisation, whether that is a one-to-one fireside chat, a panel discussion, live demo or multi-side contribution from your various offices around the world.

With a generous Q&A added at the end and a dedicated 3 week marketing drive ahead of the event, this is an ideal opportunity to raise your profile under the agnostic, SCTE banner of education and training. We work with our industry partners to attract the sort of high calibre, decision-makers who will attend on the day, and in line with GDPR compliance all attendee data will be yours after the event.

The webinar will be hosted on our home page and our YouTube channel afterwards and promoted widely.

SCTE YouTube Channel

All SCTE Corporate Members are entitled to a podcast produced by the SCTE itself. It’s your opportunity to reach your customers via the SCTE and show the industry who you are.

A generous 20 minute podcast can be steered in any direction and is an informal, getting-to-know-you vehicle that our members have enjoyed producing and have shared widely as it is hosted on our Spotify channel after the event. It is great promotion without being overly commercial and brings our community closer together.

We can work with you to produce a general Q&A about your company, a wider discussion about developments in the industry or a broad-brush approach about future trends and (hopefully not that many more) disrupters.

SCTE Spotify Channel