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Benelux Group Committee


Ruud Wielaard
Secretary, SCTE Benelux Committee

Career and Achievements

Career and Achievements:

Ruud Wielaard (born in Rotterdam, 1953) has been working in the cable industry since 1971. He started as a service technician and in 1979 worked with, among others, Aart Verbree at Deltakabel in Leidschendam in network design. He was appointed as network operator at CAI Westland in Naaldwijk in 1981, responsible for the installation of the cable network and the technical implementation thereof.

In this role he supervised the construction of the outer areas in the Westland area during this period. In 1995 he was in charge of the implementation of the first Internet Acces via the CATV cable, DEMOS cable internet system, followed by the introduction of the Terayon and Docsis system within the networks.

In 2003, he became technical director of CAIW Networks BV. During this period the further expansion of the fibre optic backbone network and technology for digital telephony in the networks of CAIW was rolled out. In 2009, he was involved with the role out of Fibre to the Home.

In October 2012, after a management buy-out, Ruud continued as an independent consultant in the cable television industry. In August 2019, he was asked to join the SCTE Benelux committee.