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Benelux Group Committee


Herman Grooten
Treasurer, SCTE Benelux Committee

Career and Achievements

Career and Achievements:

After taking degrees in electrical engineering and telecommunications from Eindhoven Technical University and law from Leiden University, Herman Grooten, born in 1948, worked for the Ministry of Defence and KPN, the Dutch Telecom company, where he was entrusted with the acquisition and introduction of new transmission equipment. He then became CEO of Gouda Cable (REKAM), a cable organisation in Central Netherlands – a position that he still holds today. Gouda Cable was established in 1976. It is a non-profit organisation owned by its subscribers. Today, Gouda Cable provides cable distribution for more than 50,000 households. It is, says Grooten, well known for the lowest subscription fees in The Netherlands. Grooten developed several technical concepts such as de-centralised network structures (DAI) and long distance UHF transmission (CAI Plus), creating more capacity for cable networks. REKAM has been introducing fibre for the last few years. This allows it to offer new services typical for fibre networks.

Grooten showed that coax networks can also be used at high frequency (satellite IF frequency) at low costs. He has written various papers on these subjects which have been published in a variety of technical journals. Because of his efforts to propagate the French language and culture by cable television, he was decorated by the French Government. As a member of the Board of VDCAI, the organisation of Dutch cable board members, Grooten was one of the founder members of the SCTE's Benelux Group.

Herman was made a Knight of The Order of Orange-Nassau for his services to the cable industry in his region as well as in The Netherlands.