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SCTE Executive Committee


Rien Baan
Vice President

Career and Achievements

Career and Achievements:

RIEN BAAN started in the early seventies in the CATV business with OAK Holland in the set-top converter business and moved after five years to CATV network construction and installation with DeltaKabel in The Netherlands. He then started his own company (Proditel B.V.), setting up a distribution network in Europe and selling CATV components required to build cable TV networks. Again, with DeltaKabel, he was involved in the first European introduction of cable modems, offering internet access via the CATV network of CAIW in Naaldwijk. As of 2001, Rien Baan has focused his efforts with Proditel mainly on consulting and project management. He was also active as Secretary of the SCTE Benelux Group from 2003 until November 2020. Rien was the winner of the 2013 Tom Hall Award for Outstanding Services to Broadband Engineering for his outstanding work in setting up the Benelux SCTE Group and continuing efforts as its Secretary. Rien was voted in as Vice President of the SCTE from 28 October 2020.