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Broadband Industry Training Manuals

The SCTE® (the Society for Broadband Professionals) has launched the official course books for its broadband training series. Aimed at broadband installation technicians, network technicians, fibre technicians and network design architects. 

SCTE Broadband industry training coursesThe nine courses are suitable for home-study or instructor-led use, Installation Technicians, Service Technicians, Network Technicians, Network Design Architecture, Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians Business Data Solutions and Understanding Wi-Fi and Wireless Technologies are designed to build up knowledge in a logical manner.

All the courses have been revised and updated by the SCTE® and are available in a variety of formats, with customised versions for different markets and geographical regions. The course books are available either as reference text books or as a complete training package. The latter includes integrated assessment papers, which are completed by the student at the end of each module and marked by the SCTE®. Students completing the course successfully become accredited SCTE® Technicians and are issued with SCTE® Certificates.

The SCTE® has improved its broadband training pedigree with the launch of its new Learning Management System (LMS), accessible ‘on the go’ for engineers and technicians. This online learning solution facilitates allows a student to cover the training material at their own pace in any location (with an internet connection) and offers more interaction (including animation, audio, video content and active information links). Quizzes at the end of each section ensure that the material is understood and, at the end of the course, an exam tests a student’s understanding of the entire course. If the student passes the exam, accreditation by the SCTE® is awarded along with a downloadable certificate.

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Training Courses

SCTE® Installation Technician Course

Introduction and Overview; Communication Theory; Signal Processing; Signal Distribution; Installers and Their Tools; Survey of the Installation; Installation; Inside the Home; Troubleshooting; Safety Manual.

SCTE® Service Technician Course

SCTE Service Technician Course

Responding to Service Call and Fault-Finding; Communication Principles for Analogue and Digital Networks; Return Channels for DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS; Video and Audio Services; Network Services; Transmission Lines, Coaxial and Optical Fibre Cables; Downstream and Upstream Networks; Wi-Fi and Test Equipment and Measurements.

SCTE® Network Technician Course

SCTE® Network Technician Course

Service and Maintenance including Set-Up and Restoration of Service; Telephony Measurements; Hybrid Fibre Commissioning Procedures; Passive Optical Network Commissioning; Measurements and Test Equipment; QAM Modulation Measurements; Ingress and Egress measurements; Optical Fibre Measurements and Testing and Comprehensive Appendices on Electrical Theory.

SCTE® Network Architecture and Design

SCTE® Network Architecture and Design

Network Architecture for Forward and Reverse Paths; The design of Optical and Wireless Networks; Network Components; Optical Transmitters and Receivers; Computing Levels and Distortion Products in the Network; DOCSIS and EURODOCSIS; Optical Network Theory; Telephony Networks;
LTE and WiMAX and Comprehensive Appendices.

SCTE® Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians

SCTE® Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians

A comprehensive theoretical and practical fibre optic course for technicians in the CATV industry.

SCTE® Business Data Solutions Course

SCTE® Business Data Solutions Course

A broad overview of the required technology for broadband business installations.

SCTE® Understanding Wi-Fi and Wireless Technology Course

A broad overview of the technology for Wi-Fi and Wireless installations in the home.

SCTE Introduction to Broadband

A course which gives a broad overview for the non technical. Duration - 0.5 days continusous study.

SCTE Introduction to DOCSIS 3.1Course

An introduction look at DOCSIS 3.1 technology used in business and to the home. Approx 5 days of continous study, and available in three parts.