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SCTE Announces Technetix Webinar: Reduce your network power costs by 25% - 30%

The SCTE (Society for Broadband Professionals) has partnered with its Corporate Member Technetix to produce another in its successful series of webinars for the broadband industry.  Taking place on Monday December 18 at 12pm GMT/1pm CET, the webinar will feature Jan Ariesen, Chief Technology Officer who focuses on MSO power consumption, offering insight and solutions to reducing network power costs.

SCTE Webinar Technetix 2023 wide

70% to 80% of MSO power bills are network power consumption. Active components such as nodes, RPDs and amplifiers consume power. This is primarily delivered via the existing COAX wiring on a low voltage to keep the networks safe to work on. This technology is 30 to 40 years old and is still used in every network. Technetix has developed a smart powering system that reduces power consumption between 25% to 30% just by changing the method of generating power. But rather than replacing hundreds of components in a service group, they have changed the shape of the power. This presentation will explain the principles, the test results, and the pros and cons of this radical new power-saving technology.  

Jan Ariesen said, “A big step made to meet NetZero goals: 25% - 30% saving by changing the power principle of networks.  Just because we have always done it this way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.”

Anthony Basham, President of the SCTE added, “Technetix are doing great things in working towards NetZero and we are delighted to showcase their important work in this field. This is the third webinar we have hosted with them so I know we are in for a treat.”

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