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SCTE® announces autumn lecture and AGM

After a lengthy, COVID-induced hiatus, The SCTE® (Society for Broadband Professionals) is delighted to announce the return of its annual Autumn Lecture and Annual General Meeting, returning to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on October 7.  

As ever, the Lecture is an opportunity for the SCTE’s members and partners to network and meet and the SCTE is confident that the lineup for this event will not disappoint. The day also includes the first AGM in person since 2019 and registration for both events must be made in advance via the link below.

Speakers include:

  • John Booth, Data Centres Efficiency Consultant
  • Premton Bogaj and Diego Royo Moros, Technetix
  • Ed Allfrey, Synamedia
  • Adrian Wooster, Chief Innovation Officer, DKT

2021 scte autumn lecture speakers

From left: John Booth, Ed Allfrey, Premton Bogaj, Diego Royo Moros and Adrian Wooster

The day will commence at 10am with two speakers and a Q&A session for each, followed by a complimentary light lunch. Two more speakers are featured in the afternoon.

John Booth will flesh out the details arising from the SCTE Long Read in May 21’s edition of the Broadband Journal regarding Data Centre sustainability, covering some background, sustainability, Data Centres, some guidance, the current and future reporting requirements, and the size and complexity of the task ahead.

Adrian Wooster of DKT will be looking at the 2m properties already equipped with fibre and the huge roll out ahead; he will consider the scale of the challenges and what can be done to ensure it is a happy journey for operators, investors and customers alike.

Premton Bogaj and Diego Royo Moros of Technetix will be looking at the new DOCSIS 4.0 specification and its ability to expand network capacity to 1.8 GHz, nearly double the capacity of many HFC networks currently. They will be debating the best way to meet the specification and the likely costs involved.

Finally Ed Allfrey of Synamedia will be focusing on how low “low latency“ can be and how consistent FCC can be achieved in an OTT network, including a live demonstration of these technologies.

The National Motorcycle Museum contains the world’s largest collection of British motorcycles and the day concludes with a tour provided free of charge by the SCTE. Members are also invited to attend the SCTE Annual General Meeting after the lectures and the day concludes at 5.30pm.

Costas Kyriacou, Chair of the Lecture Committee leading this programme said, “At the SCTE we have really missed our Lectures and it means a lot to us to connect in person with our friends, partners and members across the industry. We are looking forward to seeing as many of our members as possible in October.

Anthony Basham, President of the SCTE said, “We are confident that the speakers we have outlined for our Autumn Lecture guarantee our members a fascinating and varied day and they will come away enlightened and I’m sure entertained too. We are so pleased to be hosting this in person and meeting our friends and colleagues – some for the first time since the pandemic began.”

Government guidelines at present advise that there are no social distancing measures in place at the National Motorcycle Museum. The event is free of charge to SCTE Members, including a light lunch, but places are limited, booking in advance is essential via the link below.


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