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SCTE Confirms 2018 Technology Innovation Award Winners

SCTE Award Winners Image

The SCTETM (Society for Broadband Professionals) confirmed the winners and runners-up of its prestigious 2018 Technological Innovation awards at its Gala Annual Awards Dinner on 2 June 2018 at One Great George Street, Westminster, London (UK). The competition honours innovative products, systems and concepts in the broadband industry.

“Best Broadband Network Transmission Solution”

Winner:            ARRIS, ‘Europe’s 1st D3.1 R-PHY Network – Stofa & ARRIS’

Runner-up:       Corning Optical Communications, ‘Field Installable OptiTap®’

“Best Digital Processing Solution”

Winner:            Technetix Ltd., ‘Virtual Segmentation™’

Runner-up:       Harmonic Inc., ‘VOS Media Processing Platform’

“Best CPE Solution”

Winner:            Technetix Ltd., ‘EZ-Amp: Auto Adaptive Band Split Amplifier’

Runner-up:       DCT-Delta, ‘Optical Fibre Twist Node (OFT)’

The winner of the best overall submission and SCTE 2018 Technological Innovation of the Year Award was ARRIS for ‘Europe’s 1st D3.1 R-PHY Network – Stofa & ARRIS’. Last year’s winner of this award was Teleste for its Class A++ Flylead with Cold Flow (Creep) and Galvanic Compensation.

“This has been a fantastic year for our awards, with an impressive selection of entries showing the scope of innovation in the industry,” said Chris Bailey, FSCTE, President, SCTE. “We would like to express our congratulations to all of the entrants, runners-up and winners for their broadband technology advancements, which are sure to have a great impact on our industry.”

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