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Apply to become an Associate Member

Associate membership is available to any person who has entered the cable telecommunication industry in a general capacity, subject to being approved by the Executive Committee.

Please complete and submit the following information. When you press the 'Submit' button at the end of the form you will be transferred to the online payments section of this site so that you can make payment of the Associate Membership subscription which is currently an annual charge of £55.00 plus VAT.

Please provide your home address. This is the address used to send you information about your membership

Please provide the name of a Fellow or Member of the Society or the name and job title of your immediate superior or someone else who can confirm your qualifications and experience

Please fill in this section in full. If you cannot fill in this section at this time, please be aware that the SCTE office will contact you for this information before your application can be processed’

By submitting this form you agree to pay the required subscription fee and to be governed by the Constitution, Regulations and Articles of the Society present and future and to advance the objects of the Society.

I have read and accept the above conditions and agree to pay the required subscription. I understand that my membership is not effective until payment has been received.