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SCTE Training Courses and Materials

SCTE offers a range of comprehensive training courses and individual course books (for home study or instructor-led use) with SCTE certification as well as an online assessment training centre. Students completing the courses successfully become accredited SCTE Technicians and are issued with SCTE Certificates.

The three courses, Installation Technicians, Service Technicians and Network Technicians, follow in sequence and are designed to build up knowledge in a logical manner. All the courses have been revised and updated by the SCTE and are available in a variety of formats, with customised versions for different markets and geographical regions. The course books are available either as reference text books or as a complete training package.  The latter includes integrated assessment papers, which are completed by the student at the end of each module and marked by the SCTE.

New courses on Network Architecture and Design, Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians and an Introduction to Broadband are now ready. Please click on the categories below for further details