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SCTE Extends Training Portfolio

SCTE™, the Society for Broadband Professionals, has announced new training courses on “Network Architecture and Design”, “Introduction to Broadband” and “Fibre Optic Transmission for Technicians”. The Society has also updated and revised its existing training courses for “Installation Technicians”, “Service Technicians” and “Network Technicians”.

The new courses were added after extensive market research was conducted among the many MSOs whose employees are in the SCTE. Engineers and students helped to formulate the content and presentation of the new range of courses. The courses have been written by some of the industry’s top engineers and designed to combine traditional good practice with up-to-date information on the latest industry requirements, particularly those affecting increasingly complex in-home systems.

The first four courses (“Installation Technician”, “Service Technician”, “Network Technician” and “Network Architecture and Design”) are available in a variety of formats, with customised versions for different markets and geographical regions. The course books are available either as reference text books or as a complete training package. The latter includes a multiple-choice online examination assessed by the SCTE. Students completing the courses successfully become accredited SCTE Technicians and are issued with SCTE certification.

The half-day course “An Introduction to Broadband” is taught by a trainer from SCTE-approved Broadband Training Ltd., and has been designed for non-technical employees in broadband companies. The course aims to inform students of the basic technical principles employed by broadband operators. It has already been presented to several groups and has been well-received.

Broadband Training Ltd. recently appointed Philip Humphries as Training and Marketing Manager for SCTE courses worldwide. He will assist the SCTE team at selected exhibitions and conferences around the world and, in his training role, will present SCTE courses and train other trainers where appropriate. See for further details.

“Philip’s extensive experience in both writing and presenting training courses will be a great asset to Broadband Training Ltd,” explained Chris Swires, Chairman, Broadband Training Ltd. and SCTE Treasurer.

More information about SCTE training programmes is available at or meet the SCTE team on the SCTE India booth C50 at Convergence India.