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SCTE launches new Virgin Media training day dates

The SCTE is continuing its successful “Virgin Media Taster Training Day” series. The training days are planned for 12 November 2013 at Cairn Hotel, Bathgate, 13 November 2013 at VM Wythenshawe, England and 15 November 2013 at Legacy Cardiff International Hotel, Cardiff.

These training days provide vendors with a new opportunity to engage with VM technicians and engineers in a friendly and professional setting.

The training days are advertised on the VM intranet and targeted at VM technicians and engineers who are new to the business and would like an introduction to a number of technology topics as well as the opportunity for “hands-on” experience with some vendors’ products. Delegates will be able to pre-register their attendance at the Taster Day and also register on the delivery day.

The Taster day will run in two lecture rooms. Room “One” will be used for formal half-hour “vendor-agnostic” technology presentations by VM senior staff and vendors. Room “Two” will provide vendor “hands-on” workstations, where VM staff can work with products and test equipment used in different parts of the broadband network.

The morning’s schedule of lectures and hands-on experience will be repeated in the afternoon. Coffee will be available all day from an area close to the SCTE membership promotion booth. The SCTE booth will provide SCTE membership packs and the opportunity for VM staff to view the SCTE formal training packages.  A free buffet lunch will be offered to delegates.

To register your interest or attendance, please see  and specify which day interests you.

Virgin Media delegates can register their interest (specifying the date and venue of their choice) on 

More information on the venues can be found in the diary section of the SCTE website at

Downloads for this event.