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Book now for SCTE Summer Lecture on 3 July

Don’t miss SCTE’s Summer lecture at the special venue of Bletchley Park, centre of the UK’s code-cracking activities during World War 2 where the famous Enigma code was cracked, on 3 July 2013. The day will include four presentations, a complimentary buffet lunch, a tour of Bletchley Park and an opportunity to explore the exhibits/huts.

The morning presentations are as follows:-

  • “The Evolution of Cable in the US” by Larry Satkowiak, President and CEO, The Cable Center.

Larry Satkowiak will trace the development of the cable industry in the United States through three  generations.  He will then discuss the future of the cable industry and speculate what  a fourth generation would look like……..

  • “Lower OPEX and Improved Service Availability Using Intelligent Nodes and Amplifiers” by Pasi Järvenpää, Senior Vice President, R&D, Teleste Corporation. Increased competition and changes in the value chain are forcing CATV operators to seek new ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce churn.  These issues can be addressed by adding intelligence to the network.  Adding intelligence to the network           can significantly reduce the need for on-site maintenance and improve network reliability - contributing to reduced operating costs.
  • “QA Best Practices and CCAP” by Christian Schiller, Field Engineering Manager – EMEA, Ineoquest. The Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) provides highly integrated, flexible and high density system attributes that enable new cost- effective performance and services.  This presentation discusses the inherent need for cable operators to stream quality assurance and monitoring in the presence of  a CCAP single platform ingesting up to 40Gb/s and potentially providing the downstream Voice, Video and Data feeds for 10s and up to 100+ simultaneous  service groups.  Leveraging the recommendations of the ANSI/SCTE 168 series of Recommended Practices, a set of prudent monitoring metrics are discussed based upon the considerable operator experience gained from the deployment of other complex systems in the digital plant.
  • “High Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) Standard and Applications Explained” by Ian Trow, Senior Director Emerging Technology & Strategy, Harmonic Inc.  HEVC is the standard behind next generation video compression applications but, given the success of predecessor MPEG standards, which new tools are added and which applications will be first to benefit?  The HEVC standard aims to improve on compression efficiency by as much as 50%, cater for resolutions up to Ultra HD and allow better porting to parallel platforms.  Successfully launching HEVC products and solutions requires an understanding of both the existing broadcast market and the emerging multi-screen applications to put the new standard in context.  This paper will focus on the new tool additions the standard has to offer as well as the likely roll-out of HEVC-based solutions.

The full programme can be accessed here. Please also see the brochure for the event. Bookings for this historic venue are filling up quickly, so please register your interest today by filling in the registration form here or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.