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The advent of IPTV, VoIP and peer-to-peer have heralded many new challenges for the cable industry. The European cable industry is pushing ahead with higher-speed broadband, Voice over IP, VOD, TV-on-demand, PVR and HDTV. Today’s cable professional needs to be aware of a range of different issues such as standards, installation, distribution, cost, service differentiation and network monitoring challenges.

These, and topics such as DOCSIS 3.1 standards and LTE, will be covered in the 2013 Spring Lecture Meeting organised by SCTE, The Society for Broadband Professionals, on 17 April  2013. Held at the IET in Savoy Place (London), the event will highlight challenges and offer solutions to some of the issues facing cable engineers and manufacturers today. All presentations are filmed and are available for download on the SCTE website or at Speakers and presentations at the Spring Lecture Meeting are:-

  • Evolving The Transmission Network beyond SDH - By: Alan Corfield, Transmission Engineering Consultant, Virgin Media
  • Addressing Key Challenges in Effective Test Automation As Applied to Multi-Screen Digital TV - By: John Maguire, Director of Product Strategy, TV Technology at S3 Group
  • Moving Customers to 21st Century Service - By: Jim Farmer, Chief Network Architect, Aurora Networks
  • Special presentation on Bletchley’s Park’s code-cracking activities, in preparation for the SCTE Summer lecture at Bletchley Park
  • Coexistence of LTE 800 / Cable Services – A Briefing - By: Dipl. Ing. Carsten Engelke, Director, Technology, ANGA
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Standards Update - By: A representative of Cable Europe Labs
  • High Speed Broadband in Rural Communities (DSL Rings) - By: Stephen Cooke, Founder, President and Chief Technical Officer of Genesis Technical Systems

The SCTE stages lecture meetings several times per year in the UK, Netherlands and Balkans. The Society chairs the British Standards Committee for cable systems and represents the UK at European (CENELEC) and world (IEC) levels. Founded in 1945, the SCTE is a Learned Society and non-profit making organisation whose aim is to raise the standard of broadband engineering in the telecommunications industry. The Society particularly concerns itself with the training and career advancement of technical professionals in this field. 

Lectures are free for SCTE members and a fee of £50.00 plus VAT is charged for non-SCTE members. Lunch is charged at £15 per head. To book your place, see  and to pay for attendance (non-members) or lunch, please see

Download the agenda/booking form here.