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SCTE Launches New Training Company Broadband Training Ltd to provide SCTE accredited training globally

SCTE, The Society for Broadband Professionals, has launched a new company, Broadband Training Ltd, to provide qualified tutors and training facilities for the presentation of SCTE course material directly to students where no internal resource is available.

“This is a major initiative by the SCTE to improve the training of technicians in the broadband industry,” said Chris Swires, current SCTE Treasurer and Chairman of the new company. “Broadband Training Ltd will offer first class training at the lowest possible cost. We have traditionally provided course material for large companies to use for in-house training as well as home study options for individuals; our new initiative fills a defined gap in the market enabling SMEs to provide an economic and effective solution for their training needs.”

“When required, Broadband Training Ltd can provide a one-stop-shop for course materials and training.  Examinations for students that have completed SCTE courses, either by home-study, third-party training or with our tutors, will be carried out online. Independent invigilation and the issue of accreditation certificates will still be provided by the parent body SCTE,” added Mike Thornton, Chairman of SCTE’s Training Committee.

The SCTE works closely with the broadband industry to ensure that all courses are up-to-date and relevant. SCTE courses concentrate on core skills; the training and certification for Installers, Service Technicians and Network Technicians covers all aspects of broadband copper and fibre optic installations.

SCTE training courses have achieved wide acceptance as the standard for young technicians wishing to enter the field of cable telecommunications and for those wishing to advance their knowledge and career prospects. They are used in-house by a number of operating companies and SCTE engineers can be found working in a variety of international organisations. SCTE training courses in the Balkans and India, for example, have netted the Society many new members and a reputation as a leading broadband trainer.