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SCTE® and Technetix Webinar: Stretching the network with Virtual Fibre and PON

Entitled “Stretching the network with Virtual Fibre and PON”, the webinar was presented by VP of Business Development Mark Basham in the UK and Jakup Ratkoceri and Timo Baanstra, product managers, live from the Technetix studio in the Netherlands.

The webinar examines how the demand for higher speed is driving network investment to increase capacity and what that means for the wider industry. Cable network operators have a variety of capacity expansion options available including the evolution of DOCSIS, moving to a Distributed Access Architecture, pushing fibre deeper to reduce service group size or augmenting existing networks with PON.

This session from Technetix considers near term network flexibility options including Virtual Segmentation™ and FTTx augmentation enabling operators to progressively increase capacity and add new service application opportunities including mobile backhaul.