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It is expected that the annual subscription paid by Corporate Members should relate to the size of the Company or organisation and the following annual rates are a guide:

1 - 9 employees £210 + VAT minimum
10 - 49 employees £260.00 +VAT minimum
50+ employees from £410.00 - £1,260.00 +VAT minimum

The Society relies on the subscriptions of members and the support of its Corporate Members. Subscriptions above these indicative levels are always welcome. The Society welcomes your generosity. 

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By submitting this form you agree to pay the required subscription fee and to be governed by the Constitution, Regulations and Articles of the Society present and future and to advance the objects of the Society.

I have read and accept the above conditions and agree to pay the required subscription. I understand that my membership is not effective until payment has been received. 

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The Society publishes handbooks containing details about the Society and lists of members. The purpose of this publication is to assist members to contact each other and exchange information. Please indicate if you are willing for your details to be published in this way. *

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