21923 - SCTE Broadband Aug2023 COMPLETE v1 (1)

CONNECTING THEWORLD’S MOST REMOTE LOCATIONS technetix.com © Copyright 2023 Technetix Group Limited. All rights reserved. This document is for information only. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Technetix, the Technetix logo and certain other marks and logos are trade marks or registered trade marks of Technetix Group Limited in the UK and certain other countries. Other brand and company names are trade marks of their respective owners. Technetix protects its technology and designs by registering patents, trade marks and designs in Europe and certain other countries. Technetix rOLT is the cost-effective solution for high-speed broadband for rural or remote communities  Compact, ruggedized XGS-PON OLT for deep access FTTP  Ideal for towns and villages, business parks and universities  Low power consumption and passively cooled  Integrated fiber management including splitters for rapid installation  Deployment options - pole, pedestal, strand, pit, tower and closet