21285 - SCTE Broadband Dec2021 COMPLETE v1

52 Vol. 43 No. 4 - November 2021 Issue Aleksandra Kozarev serves as Board Director at the Broadband Forum, and Board Director at the HomeGrid Forum, and leads the FANCE project stream, developing TR-419 and MR-419. She is Principal Standards Engineer at MaxLinear Inc. with a focus on the multi-gigabit access and home networking technologies. Aleksandra is based in Austria. Aleksandra Kozarev MaxLinear Inc. While many homes and businesses are best served with Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), a “fibre only” strategy will exclude many customers due to various fibre roadblocks. Multi-gigabit broadband service may reach many more customers, at a much lower cost, if Fibre To The Extension Point (FFTep) is employed where necessary. FTTep delivers multi-gigabit service over existing phone wire, coax cables or radio for a short section of wire leading to the customer premises and inside the premises. This article dispels a good number of “fibre only” myths. by Aleksandra Kozarev – MaxLinear Inc., Tom Starr – Actelis Inc., Helge Tiainen - InCoax Networks and Herman Verbueken - Nokia Removing the Barriers to Broadband Services Reaching Everyone technical Helge Tiainen is Head of Product Management at InCoax Networks, chair of MoCA Access Working Group, co-editor of Broadband Forum TR-419 [1], editor of ETSI TS101.548-2 [8] and editor of Broadband Forum WT-338-3 RPF testing over coax networks. Helge is based in Sweden. Helge Tiainen InCoax Networks Tom Starr is a member of the Actelis Inc. Advisory Board and serves as Chairman of the ITU-T Working Party 1 of Study Group 15 developing international standards for network access and home networking technologies. Tom is based in the United States. Tom Starr Actelis Inc. Herman Verbueken is a Product Manager in the Network Infrastructure Business Group at Nokia, serving as Director of the Broadband Forum’s Physical Layer Transmission Work Area, and co-author of MR-419[2] and editor of TR-380 G.fast Performance Test Plan. Herman is based in Belgium. Herman Verbueken Nokia