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46 Vol. 43 No. 3 - September 2021 Issue Building expertise Successful pilots have proved national linear addressable advertising is no longer an interesting theoretical concept but a major value driver available right now. But the disjointed advertising ecosystem isn’t going to make it easy — multiple different components, platforms and systems need to work in sync. For broadcasters, the technical complexity can be overwhelming. Ad sales, ad operations and engineering teams each have new challenges to overcome and critical requirements to meet. Given the technical and operational complexities, they’ll need to work closely together. The ones who do have a unique opportunity to build their expertise and reputations as innovation drivers, by building a new revenue engine. The good news is there are modular ad tech stacks to help engineers pivot to national linear addressable TV quickly, while meeting ad sales and operational requirements. Ad sales: Making the most of new addressable advertising business models without risking existing core business National linear addressable advertising brings new business models and new revenue streams. The single advertiser spot optimisation (SASO) model is a good starting point for ad sales teams to ease themselves into national linear addressable campaigns. Replacing national ad spots with versions by the same advertiser, targeting different audience segments, opens up new revenue opportunities with minimal risk. When the national linear addressable TV workflows are running and ad sales teams have started to build their expertise in the space, they can move to more sophisticated business models that further boost revenue. The multiple advertiser spot optimisation (MASO) model allows ad sales to sell the same advertiser spot to multiple brands, each targeting different audience segments. They can take it a step further by leveraging programmatic for any unsold spots. The right ad tech stack allows ad sales teams to deploy business models quickly today and get ready for tomorrow — without violating competitive separation rules. in national linear addressable advertising: Where to start? from the industry by Roger Franklin, General Manager, LTN Signal Roger Franklin, General Manager, LTN Signal