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SCTE Broadband Industry Training

We take training seriously at the SCTE and understand that training is vital across all facets of our skill set, which is why, in addition to our renowned Broadband Training courses available here, we have introduced soft skills and mentor training. Read on to work out what courses are right for you and enrol today. Training is free for SCTE Members! 

Expand Your Professional career with SCTE's Human Skills

In today's dynamic telecommunications landscape, technical proficiency is only one aspect of your professional toolkit. SCTE's Human Skills Series is designed to complement your technical knowledge, offering insights on topics like interview preparation, navigating change, and conflict resolution in the workplace.

This series of independent training courses are tailored to equip you with the skills you need to interact effectively and build successful professional relationships. These sessions are exclusively available for FREE for SCTE Members, register here now and make the most of this valuable opportunity.  If you're not an SCTE member yet, join us Here and start reaping these benefits right away.

SCTE Human Skills telecommunications training

Human Skills Series - New Dates Coming Soon

Technical Training Free to SCTE Members

Unlimited access to our entire catalogue of technical training courses, including key topics such as Fibre, Wi-Fi, DOCSIS 3.1 and various network-related courses, available to SCTE members at no cost.  Dive into 9 top-tier courses via our LMS.

SCTE LMS Broadband Training Courses

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Technology Innovation Awards 2023

Nominations are now being sought for the 2023 SCTE Technological Innovation Awards which will be presented at the SCTE Gala Awards Dinner in 2023. There is a nominal non-refundable entrance fee for this Award of £100+VAT per category submission. You will be taken to the payment page after completing the form below.

You can also email extra supporting material for your award nominations (e.g. White Papers, articles, press releases, brochures etc.) to the SCTE office on

The deadline for all nominations is  TBA.

Please select the category for this submission. (If you are submitting to multiple categories, please re-submit using this form).

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Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

The SCTE offers a variety of advertising opportunities in its Journal, Handbook, regular e-blasts to members and banner placements on its website. SCTE patron members are offered preferential advertising rates.

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Advertise in SCTE Broadband Journal

Broadband JournalFor more information, media pack and rate card, please review the Broadband Journal section of this site.

Advertise in SCTE Member Handbook

For more information review the Members Handbook section of this site.

E-advertising opportunities

The SCTE offers a number of e-advertising opportunities for extended global reach. All advertiser adverts in Broadband Journal are automatically reproduced in SCTE’s electronic page-turning version of Broadband Journal. Why not advertise in our electronic newsletter to reach over 1000 global SCTE members directly or take a banner advert on our website for immediate and uninterrupted (24/7) lines of communication with users of your products and services? Reach a large segmented audience and use a variety of personalisation effects, including your logo or/and brand name to enhance the informational, visual and entertainment value of your message.

Banner ads can also be incorporated into the regular e-blasts that SCTE sends it members worldwide (over 1000). There is one size of banner which is costed at £300 per e-blast.

The SCTE offers three banner positions and various sizes, which are featured on the busy Partners and Events sections of the SCTE website

Banner sizes available:

  • 728 x 90 - either top or bottom of page. One advert in each position available.
  • 336 x 280 - small square for right column. Multiple positions available.
  • 300 x 600 - rectangle for right column. Multiple positions available.

File types accepted: JPG, PNG or GIF. Please keep file sizes under 50kb.

Sponsorship opportunities

The SCTE offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities at its event. Why not sponsor a lunch or refreshment break at SCTE lecture meetings? Or sponsor the menus, band, wine, lunch etc? SCTE members are offered preferential placements.

  • SCTE Lecture Meetings

    • Lunch break
    • Refreshment breaks
  • SCTE Balkan Broadband Conference and Exhibition

    • Break-out Training Sessions
    • Exhibition packages – Platinum, Gold, Silver
    • Lunch break
    • Dinner break
  • SCTE Annual Dinner

    • Wine
    • Champage Reception
    • Gifts for Attendees
    • Reception Entertainers
    • Flowers on Tables
    • Brandies and Liqeurs
    • Menus
    • Photography
    • Place Cards
  • SCTE Riverboat Trips

    • Welcome Aboard Drinks
    • Dinner Wine
    • Menu Cards
    • Place Cards
    • Party Theming
    • Live Band
    • Banner on side of boat
  • SCTE Golf Day

    • Team or individual sponsorships

Read more: Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.