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1) What is the SCTE? 
The SCTETM (Society for Broadband Professionals) is a not-for-profit professional body for all broadband engineers and technicians worldwide. As a learned non-profit Society, it provides accreditation and certification for its members, giving them professional standing within the industry. SCTE was founded in 1945 and has individual and corporate members all over the world. It will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2015.

2) What do you do? What part of the telecoms market do you operate in?
The SCTE’s main aim is to advance the level of knowledge and standing of its members within the industry. Although its pedigree comes from the cable TV arena, its remit also covers delivery of content over the ‘last mile’; including coax, twisted pair, wireless and fibre. This is achieved by arranging a variety of networking events (technical lecture meetings, conferences, exhibitions etc.) and by disseminating the latest technical and standards data to its membership electronically and in its highly regarded quarterly magazine, Broadband Journal. The Society chairs the British Standards Committee for Cable Systems and represents the UK at European (CENELEC) and world (IEC) levels.

3) Where are you based and how widespread is your organisation globally?
The SCTE headquarters are in Watford, UK, but the Society has active groups in other regions, notably in India and in the Benelux and Balkan regions. Individual members can be found in 42 countries worldwide with a concentration in traditional ‘PAL’ TV areas; Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. SCTE training courses, for distance learning or instructor-led use, have achieved wide acceptance as the standard for young technicians wishing to enter the field of broadband telecommunications. Courses are also used in-house by many international operating companies and SCTE instructors can be found working with aspiring engineers in organisations around the world. Over 7,000 students have achieved accreditation over the past 10 years.

4) Why is your organisation important?
The core skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the industry are seldom taught formally in higher education. The SCTE provides the opportunity for learning through training, seminars, exhibitions and networking as well as a membership structure through accreditation. It also provides a forum for the international exchange of ideas through a variety of networking events worldwide i.e. technical lecture meetings, conferences, exhibitions, dinners, golf and track days etc. The Society also runs its Annual Dinner and Awards event, where excellence in the broadband industry is rewarded. It also provides bursaries for technicians and engineers.

5) Who are your members?
The Society has a wide and diverse membership; professional grades are available for those with training and experience whilst those with an interest in the industry or just starting their career are covered by associate and student grades. Members also have the option to upgrade their membership to ‘Fellow’ status after two years. The SCTE also has a corporate membership for companies wishing to support and be involved with its mission.

6) What are the benefits of SCTE membership?
Members receive free admission to all SCTE lectures and seminars as well as receiving our quarterly technical publication ‘Broadband Journal.’ The Society’s networking and social events are highly subsidised, making them affordable to all grades of membership. The grading and accreditation structure provides evidence of professional standing and members may use post-initials on their business cards and stationary. Membership of the SCTE also comes with an impressive range of member’s discounts to attend key industry exhibitions and events worldwide i.e. CommunicAsia, IBC MENA Content Everywhere etc. Members also benefit from discounts on advertising, training, business stationery, industry market research and specialist PR packages. Members can network directly with each other as well as via SCTE meetings and events. All members are eligible to apply for SCTE bursaries as well as nominate products and technologies for SCTE industry awards.

7) Why should companies/individuals choose to join your organisation rather than one of the other professional bodies?
We concentrate on the skill-sets and technology relevant to the Broadband Industry. We are primarily an institute for individuals rather than a trade organisation. The SCTE is a truly global organisation with members in over 42 countries.

8) Are you the same organisation as the US SCTE?
No, we are a much older, independent organisation originating in Europe in 1945. We have similar aims but are constituted slightly differently. We have a long history of cooperation but are financially and organisationally separate entities.

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About the SCTE
Founded in 1945, the SCTE is a learned Society and non-profit making organisation aiming to raise the standard of broadband engineering in the telecommunications industry. It particularly concerns itself with the training/career advancement of technical professionals. The SCTE provides broadband industry accreditation and certification for its members, giving them professional standing in the industry.