91 Vol. 40 No. 3 - August 2018 Issue products For more information, see www.dveo.com Content delivery DVEO has developed an IPTV solution for the DISH Smartbox®. Its unit decrypts "simulcrypted" DISH streams and re-encrypts them with IPTV industry-standard, royalty- free Widevine® DRM. Simulcrypt is a conditional access system that offers end- to-end protection for content creators and distributors. It is software-based and thus avoids the security vulnerabilities of traditional card-based systems. The flexibility of software CAS makes it difficult for "hackers" to keep up the pace of changes. One of its advantages is that it relies upon open "DVB" standards and provides interfaces to companies, such as DVEO, to integrate it with third-party DRM systems. DISH TV and others offer a wide variety of licensed and secure content for distribution via satellite for use in hotel rooms, school dorms, hospitals, apartment buildings etc. DISH TV utilises Simulcrypt to securely and inexpensively deliver its content to its customers via satellite. “Our Simulcrypt to DRM Headend™ is a compact, affordable, reliable, headend unit designed to securely deliver the comprehensive package of content arriving via a DISH Smartbox® with Simulcrypt CAS and securely convert it to Google ‘royalty-free’ Widevine® DRM. Approved by DISH for end-to-end delivery of content, the system is able to re- encrypt 100+ channels simultaneously. The output covers the universe of set-top, mobile or other IP-connected devices, including multicast over private networks,” explained DVEO. The Smartbox® does not have to reside on premises since the simulcrypted content can be delivered over broadband or via UPNs via AES 128. The unit can also accommodate clear cable or over the air ATSC tuner cards for delivery of free-to- air content. If required, some channels can be unencrypted. Operators can also add non-SmartBox® streams such as hotel information, school videos or IPTV offerings. For more information, see www.softathome.com An eye on Wi-Fi Wi-Fi quality and connectivity have become central to enjoying any digital service at home including video and, often now, TV. SoftAtHome, a software provider enabling convergent services for the digital home, aims to solve the Wi-Fi challenges faced by operators. “The SoftAtHome vision was to open the home network environment and enable Quality of Experience to be guaranteed by operators so that they can compete in the nascent Premium WiFi market. We designed our Smart Wi-Fi solution especially for operators, to help them to secure the home network, control QoE, optimise bandwidth quality and deliver the highest quality of service from any corner of the home, despite an ever-growing number of devices at home,” explained the manufacturer. The hardware-agnostic SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi solution includes advanced Wi-Fi features such as client steering; band steering (with 5GHz frequency auto steering); smart channel selection and a Home QoS/QoE monitoring tool that highlights any areas where bandwidth or latency are below acceptable values. The SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi solution creates a SmartHome network, thanks to a unique SSID that is propagated to all access points. The home gateway can also act as a Smart Wi-Fi hub, enabling operators to equip homes with one less device compared to off-the-shelf solutions. “Using self-learning algorithms, SoftAtHome Smart Wi-Fi adapts to user device behaviour and can constantly optimise Wi-Fi performances for the best possible user experience at all times. Cloud-based tools with AI-based analytics help to solve home network problems, often alerting the operator before they occur,” added the manufacturer.