86 Vol. 40 No. 3 - August 2018 Issue products Two years ago, new laws were introduced in Germany, granting consumers complete freedom of choice in the terminal devices that they use for their broadband connections. The free choice of telecommunications terminal equipment has been welcomed by numerous consumer organisations, including the Alliance of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Manufacturers (VTKE). The end of the ISP lock has also led to the development of new products for cable connections, such as the new FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable. “According to supporters of the new law, the advantages of allowing end-users to choose their own terminal devices are obvious; they can boost the performance and increase the range of functions on their terminal devices and thereby improve their home networks by using a higher quality product than that supplied by the provider. Open competition that favours consumers inevitably also gives rise to more efficient and more innovative products. For example, we now offer several FRITZ!Box routers for cable connections,” explained AVM, a German manufacturer of cable/broadband products. The latestmodel, the FRITZ!Box 6591Cable, comeswith awide range of features and functions. It supports the forthcoming DOCSIS 3.1 standard and is downwards-compatible to DOCSIS 3.0. Through OFDM channel bonding, in accordance with DOCSIS 3.1, the 4x4 wireless router achieves top speeds of up to 6Gbit/s downstream and 2Gbit/s upstream. The fast wireless AC enables wireless Internet access for several kinds of multimedia devices. Multi-User MIMO provides for data transmission rates of up to 2533Mbit/s, even when multiple devices are used at the same time. A comprehensive telephone system with many functions, four Gigabit LAN ports and AVM’s latest FRITZ!OS 7 software round off the equipment. For more information, see https://en.avm.de/products/ Router for cable connections SCTE corporate member, WWS, has advised that Casa Systems DOCSIS® 3.1 C100G cable network products and complete systems, backed by its lifetime warranty, are now in stock and ready to ship. The Casa Systems Downstream DS8x96 module (part number: C100G-DS8x96) is a complete DOCSIS downstream unit that includes DOCSIS packet processing; QoS; DOCSIS downstream MAC, PHY and RF up-conversion. The Casa Systems Upstream US16x8 module (part number: C100G-US16x8) is a complete DOCSIS upstream unit that includes signal demodulation; RF burst receiving; DOCSIS upstream MAC and PHY as well as packet processing and QoS. Together with the RF upstream I/O (RFU) module, it serves as the RF upstream interface between the cable headend and DOCSIS- based cable modems. “With proven CCAP performance; DOCSIS PHY and MAC; EdgeQAM video; routing and MPLS, and subscriber and traffic management control all in one chassis, the Casa C100G is the only CCAP solution in the industry that delivers video and data over a single port in commercial deployments,” explained WWS. The C100G CMTS Chassis (part number: C100G- CHASSIS-DC) includes NEBS-compliant 13RU mechanical chassis and midplane (two SMM slots and 12 line-card slots); 48VDC power entry modules (two) and cooling fan assemblies (three). Features include low power consumption, with 3.6kW per fully loaded chassis. DOCSIS 3.1 in focus For more information, see http://info.worldwidesupply.net/casa-c100g-cmts-0