18 Vol. 40 No. 3 - August 2018 Issue industry news ‘Connected Legends’, a new online platform launched in February 2018 by SCTE corporate member Xpresso communications, is for industry veterans and industry newcomers to come together through a platform where they can learn and share information, creating a knowledge bank that capitalises on the experiences of those who have ‘been there, done that and got the T-shirt (or, perhaps more accurately, have a whole drawer full of IBC lanyards)’. Initially focusing on technology players in the broadcast and media technology industry, Connected Legends aims to involve the protagonists of other tech-oriented fields. “More than this however, the combination of ‘new blood’ – with its energy, passion, creativity and perspective – along with ‘old souls’ helps to bridge any concept of a generational divide within the industry, and capitalise on the different strengths that each group brings to the field. We are all too aware that the technology industry changes at an alarming rate. It can thus be all-too-tempting for newcomers into the market to believe that the stories of the past are irrelevant and anachronistic. In reality, however, not only are these stories fascinating and almost impossible to contemplate for recent graduates (days of multi-million pound hardware sales at trade shows, first-class flights and free-flowing champagne?) but they carry important tacit lessons for the way that the industry changes, and what this means for customers, clients, creators and competitors,” said Fiorenza Mella of Xpresso Communications. Connected Legends focuses on delivering these lessons in a way that maximises the ability to build a tacit knowledge base, using one-to-one interviews, question and answer sections and the ability to contribute knowledge and experience from veterans in the field – recounting anecdotes, exploring experiences and communicating knowledge in the deepest and most meaningful of ways, full of personality and emotion. The platform plans to expand to include more video-based content. “Regardless of whether you are a legend or a learner, Connected Legends is certainly worth a visit over your next coffee break, whether to reminisce over the good old days of the Betamax/VHS war, or to ask what the hell Betamax and VHS even are... Or to understand how lessons learned there have set the ground for many iterations of format battles, through from HD-DVD versus Blu-ray to Android versus IoS. What shaped the winners then, and what will shape the winners of the future?” added Mella. Bridging the generational divide Connected Legends bases itself on the idea that learning about history helps us grow our futures. After all, as the famous quote goes ‘Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it’. Should you be interested in sharing your story, please send an email to contact@connectedlegends.com Worcester-based Airband Community Internet, a rural broadband specialist in the UK, is celebrating a double whammy at the National Family Business Awards (NFBA). The pioneering internet service provider scooped the national Best Entrepreneur of the Year award and the regional Best Small Business award. The National Family Business Awards, organised and hosted by Family Business Place, celebrated its tenth anniversary recently at an annual awards evening, where family businesses from across the UK came together at London’s Wembley Stadium to celebrate the best achievements in family business. Airband’s win at the NFBA follows its success as a finalist in Rural broadband firm scoops double award whammy